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Marondera, Zimbabwe

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Our Current Chamber Secretary is Mr T. Ndoro, Mr Ndoro has worked with Council since 2011 providing a leadership pillar to the Marondera Municipality and ensuring goals are achieved timeously and to standard.

Acting Chamber Secretary


Our Administration Section is under the Chamber Secretary's Department focusing on:

  • Flighting of adverts in the press
  • Processing new shop licences and tenders
  • Handling internal and external correspondences
  • Filing and maintenance of the Council Registry.


Our Chamber Secretary's office is available at our HQ office.

Our Current Projects

Human Resources

Our Human Resources Section is under the Chamber Secretary's Department focusing on:

  1. For formulating and implementing human resources strategy and policy
  2. Salaries and Payroll Administration
  3. Catering for employees’ welfare and handling any grievances and disciplinary procedures,
  4. Promoting and managing harmonious industrial relations within Council by ensuring that employees adhere to the Council's Conditions of Service and the Code of Conduct

Municipal Police

The Marondera Municipal Police was established under Section 142 of the Urban Councils Act [Chapter 29:15], which states that without derogation from section one hundred and forty-one: a Council may appoint in terms of that section employees for the purpose of assisting in the control and protection of the property under the control of the council; a municipal Council may appoint in terms of that section Parking Supervisors to assist the police in the enforcement of any enactment to which the Municipal By-Laws Enforcement Act [Chapter 29:10] applies.

The section is responsible for:-

  • Enforcement of Council by-laws
  • Guarding and protection of Council properties, asserts, councillors and employees
  • Providing cash escort
  • Advise Council on matters pertaining to security
  • Liaise with state security agents, private security and all matters pertaining to security risk

The section is divided in to the following units:-
  • Environmental Patrol
  • Cash Escort
  • Licensing Unit
  • Protection Unit
  • Ranging Unit
  • Dog Section
  • Traffic Section
  • V.I.P Protection Unit
  • Training Unit

Legal Section

Our Legal Section is under the Chamber Secretary's Department focusing on:

  1. Advising Council and management on legal matters,
  2. Undertaking a constant review of municipal by-laws with a view to up-dating them in line with new legislation and government policy,
  3. Keeping under review all Council contracts, way leave agreements and notorial deeds of servitudes for the Council,
  4. Representing Council in courts of law as well as labour hearing and arbitrations in liaison with the Human Resources Manager,
  5. Liaising with Council’s external lawyers, and
  6. Dealing with all matters relating to conveyancing of Council property.


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  • Mon - Sat: 8 am - 5 pm